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With Krateo PlatformOps, you can streamline your operations, eliminate bottlenecks, and propel your organization toward unparalleled success.

Say goodbye to the complexity and hello to a brighter future with Krateo PlatformOps.


What is Krateo?

Krateo is an open-source product that uses a fully managed architecture to describe and manage services and resources via standard APIs. A resource can be everything: a Kubernetes cluster, a database, Machine Learning model, a data pipeline workflow, a microservice. Choose your template and start creating!


A better way to send money.

Bring your own Kubernetes

Start from scratch or connect the tools you already use to the secure-by-default infrastructure stack by using Krateo's control plane.


Develop your resources through Kubernetes or any other platform and deploy them everywhere.


Create applications, models, databases, websites, microservices, and everything you need by using available templates.

All in one

Develop, deploy, and monitor your resources in multi-cloud from a single platform.


Create any logical and physical component with no limit to the imagination and your business needs.


Focus on your business. We will give you the technology and the services to implement your products everywhere.

Self-service Platform

Krateo is flexible and allows you to create any kind of resource from a single front-end: from applications to databases, microservices in every language, machine learning models, and websites. All you have to do is choose a template, edit it, make as many variants as you need and put it into production. The dashboard will let you archive each version, cooperate on the same project with more people on the team, get access to all the information, and customize the console in just a few clicks.

Multi-cloud solution

Krateo allows you to import, create and manage Kubernetes clusters on every infrastructure. You can always count on a service that builds and scales your applications and your resources on cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments without worrying about vendor lock-ins.


Full control plane

You can configure and deploy your cluster on every infrastructure through specific Kubernetes APIs. Krateo provides diagnostic and audit tools to control the entire resource's lifecycle stage, is constantly monitored to capture its integrity, scalability, failover, and response to changes that could alter its initial configuration.

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